Inspired by Beauty. Committed to Mother Nature.

Grandeur’s story begins in the serene, sun-dappled foothills of Monterey County, California. It’s a tale about a place. But it’s also about a promise: to preserve the magnificence of the land through organic growing practices and to produce wines that breathe with splendor and harmony, just like the appellation they’re born of.

Where Foothills Roll, Bees Repose, and Indulgence Ripens

Sunlight sweeps gold over the valley.

Flecks of limestone punctuate the foothills.

A Blue Oak witnesses the change of seasons and passage of time.

Where else to begin the story of our wine?

It is here, in the warmth of southernmost Monterey County, where the fruitful give-and-take of soil and stone, valleys and foothills, humans and nature yield something greater than the sum of its parts. Something timeless. Something extravagant. Something with grandeur—like the venerable ancient oak tree at the heart of our vineyard.

Where the Integrity of Our Practices Preserves the Sanctity of Our Land

At home in the trunk of the ancient Blue Oak, a colony of bees stirs with the soft music of sweetness and promise. Hard at work and brimming with life, they instill a sense of timelessness and wonder throughout our entire certified organic vineyard.

We admire them from a distance—supporting their continuous prosperity by creating additional permanent habitats—keenly aware that this is their land and we are merely stewards of it. 

Cultivating wines that capture the majesty of the land requires that we work in harmony with it, that we honor it. Among the rolling hills and sun-drenched vines of the Monterey AVA, there’s so much to honor. Here, sustainable viticulture isn’t just about growing grapes and making wine.

It’s our love letter to the bees, to the soil, to the vines, and to the land.
Bee emblem.